2006 Honda Odyssey Cooper CS4 Touring

by Mike G
(Burlington NC )

The best minivan tire anywhere, IMO.Seriously. Minivans are hard on tires, they are front drive, very heavy, carry lots of stuff, lots of stop and go. I have the T rated on wife's Honda Odyssey. We have had them for about 10k miles, bought 4 at once.

Original tires were Dunlop Turanza. Cooper CS4 is way better than the Dunlop. First thing I noticed when driving home is the Cooper's "stand up" much better than the Dunlop at equal psi (i.e much stronger sidewalls) and they do not bulge under load. This results in a lighter steering feel that you will notice when driving home from the shop, and you will love it. Impressive.

Haven't noticed a difference in mpg. Very smooth riding, not deafly quiet, you can hear them, but the tire noise is not really noticable unless you listen for it. Havent been able to test in winter weather. No issues with hydroplaning-- wife hasnt reported any issues whatsoever. We drove to the coast this summer and parked in a deep sandy parking lot (not gravel with sand on it, just deep loose sand)and had no issues with traction in or out, which I credit to the deep tread pattern. Long term, dont know-minimal wear after 10 k and 1 rotation.

Yes I recommend them highly, cost less than Michelin, no sacrifice in performance--will buy again-- made in USA-

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