2011 Taurus SHO 20" Eagle RSA's

I bought this SHO with 5,000 miles on these RSA's and noticed a vibration as if a tire was out of balance. Had the tires balanced,..vibration got about 25% better. Decided to have the car checked out at the Ford Dealer to see if the vibration was a mechanical problem.

Nope, they re-balanced the tires, vibration again improved slightly. Had the Tires Road Force balanced and wheels checked, rotated the tires and had a different mechanic look at the car,..still the vibration and noticeably worse as the weather gets colder until the tires warm up.

Was told by Discount Tire that many people hate these tires for similar reasons. Forgot to mention these tires are noisy also. Bottom line, the vibration is coming from the tires which now have a whopping 10,000 miles on them. I will be replacing them something other then Goodyears, probably Hankooks or Continentals I have had good luck with both of these brands. VERY disappointed with Goodyear, especially after reading bad review after bad review.

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