30 YRS with Michelins, no more

by tom

I had Latitudes put on my 2007 Honda Ridgeline in 2009. Suppose to be 65K mile tires, at 40K dry rot on all the tires. Sears and Michelin say, that's normal. I never had a car or purchased tires that had dry rot, if it's normal for Sears and Michelin, I will go somewhere else.

I also found out that Michelin sold these to Sears without a warranty, which leaves me wondering why I would ever do business with either of them again. I understand the latitide is discontinued, that didn't stop Sears from offering me 4 new ones at full price. Also, I am told dry rot can happen to new tires just from sitting around in a warehouse.

It was recommended to check the manufacture date on the tire, seems old new tires can have the problem from the beginning, as I have read here and at other sites. One thing for sure, getting service from Michelin requires patience and a loud voice, but even that's no guarantee.....Another lost customer Michelin

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