4 new cooper tires

by Jocelyne
(Elk River, MN)

No matter how often I get an alignment my tires are wearing very poorly and it sounds like like I'm driving a big 4 wheel drive with the kind of ride. I would drive my truck if that's the kind of ride I wanted. I hate my tires. I latterly can't wait to dump them.

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Dec 29, 2014
Noisy tires, when was your last 4 wheel alignment done ? NEW
by: Anonymous

You stated they make noise so we have to believe you are talking about all 4.

Over time vehicles "settle" as they get worn down and the alignment on all 4 tires of front wheel drive and all wheel drive vehicles, as well as the front two tires on rear wheel drive vehicles needs to be checked for realignment issues.

When did you have a 4 wheel alignment done last ?

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