Bad Coopers

by Dan
(Albany, OR)

I bought a set of four Cooper Tires for my t-bird a year and a half ago. They are by far the crappiest tires I have ever owned. I bought them at Beggs Tires in Albany, Oregon. I've had the car back in twice trying to get them balanced, to no avail. The tires are shaking the life out of the poor car. Beggs doesn't seem to know what to do or to care. I will NEVER buy Coopers again, and I will NEVER buy from Beggs again. And by the way, it's wet here in the Willamette valley in the winter. If I try to take a corner in the bird as fast as I would normally drive my wife's van around one the front end will plow right off the road. They are literally the scariest pieces of crap I've ever experienced. TOTAL CRAP. I think I'm going to start sitting in front of Beggs on Saturdays with a sign to warn other people away.

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