Bad experience

by Bill
(Texarkana, Tx)

I purchased four new 205/55R16 Cooper CS4 touring tires from PEPBOYS in Littleton, Colorado in 2009. We don't drive this car that much, so we figured very long life. The tires looked and drove great.

We have since moved back to Texas from Colorado a couple of years ago, and I started noticing an unusual noise from the car about six months ago. I thought a wheel bearing was going bad up front, since I only had approx. 23,000 miles on these tires at that time. I went ahead and replaced both front wheel bearings and unfortunately this didn't correct the problem.

I had the transmission, CV axles, etc. checked, but they all looked good. I still didn't want to believe the tires were to blame, so I continued driving until the sound was so unbearable at highway speeds. I only had 25,000 miles on the tires at this time. I took the car in to have the tires checked, and two of the tires were getting close to failing even though they visually looked good. I decided to replace all four tires, but not with Cooper tires.

I am just glad we decided to have the tires checked and replaced, since a tire failure could prove to be catastrophic.

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