Bad Nexen Tires

by Mike

I should have done my homework and read the reviews about NEXEN tires. I have been reading all the comments and I am sad to say that I fell under the same situation like others. Bought 4 brand new set of NEXEN ROADIAN tires for my F-150 . I am in the military and only drives to and from work total of 8 miles. Those 8 miles is nothing but concrete road. No speed bumps, no railroad tracks, no pot holes and I have my own parking space. After buying the tires for only 2 months with less than 2,000 miles, my left rear tires started developing a bubble on the side wall. I went back to the tire dealer and I was told that it is not cover under warranty and it is road hazard. I was told to call NEXEN directly and see what they can do for me. I was told by the warranty department to take pictures last week. Today I was told that since it was a road hazard that they cannot do anything for me. No help at all. I should have stuck to GOODYEAR which I had before, NO PROBLEM AT ALL!!!

So I suggest to ANYONE to do your homework and read all the comments and reviews for all NEXEN tires.

Bottom me this tires is BAD!!!

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Sep 21, 2017
nexen are bad dont use on vehicles. NEW
by: Anonymous

We had these tires on several work trucks. I catch them before they blow. The inside liner separates from the tread part. With tire off there are bubbles a foot long or longer on the inside of the tire. When you drive, friction between the two delaminated layers builds heat....BOOM!!! Propped up on four bad ones as I type. Im the mechanic so I bring them home and mount and use on old vehicles around shop. They just need aired up tires so I can move when needed. Not full pressure. 20# or so in a 55# load range E tire. One was a little wobbly but not bad wobbly, just seemed out of balance. Other three I could feel by hand. Just had hauled a piece of equipment across Texas going 80. Been bad if it blew. Do not use these tires on vehicles. I still put them on trailers. Around here the trailer tires get tore up before they wear out.

Sep 02, 2017
Worst tires ever NEW
by: Anonymous

My brand new2015 3500 Dodge Ram came with NEXEN tires,
Less than 20K miles front tires were worn out.
No responsability from eather deslership nor tire company.
Will never ever use those tires ...

Aug 29, 2017
Dangeroue product NEW
by: Geoff

2 years old, little over 4000 miles, no punctures, no pothole/curb damage, tire pressure 32 psi. Wire started protruding from the tire tread, luckily got home before it deflated. Very poor quality Chinese tire, Nexen has yet to respond to my communiques... There are much better options out there

Jun 25, 2016
Dangerous NEXEN tire blow-out experience NEW
by: joonyong

I bought Nexen tires(N7000 (4)) last year. When I drove on the road on 06/21/16, one of the tires blowed to with lot of smoke . It was a dangerous situation. At that time, i called the NEXEN tire company's customer service. They ignored their warranty of a defective tire. So, I could not reimburse for that (operator : David). Also, I could not trust the company's authorized dealer. They told me that I must change the defective tire to a new tire (mid city tire-philadelphia) first, then I can claim for it. But, after changing the tire, they threw away the defective tire. I could not claim.
If you wan to drive safe,
Please, do not buy them.

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