Best tire ever on my "Honda Pilot"

by Richard
(Rockland County, N,Y)

Most of the driving I do is back and forth between Floida and N.Y. This is the first time ( not counting when i first bought the car) in the 9 years I have had the car,that I can say , I am really enjoying my car again . I am a very fussy driver and I bough this tire based on reviews 4 years ago.

They are the quietest tires I have had ,expansion joints hardly noticeable and run almost as smooth as my 2011 camry. Granted I save the car for trips only so there is no aggressive cornering ,rather conservative ,awareness driving, but that's why I can still enjoy an almost 10 year old car with 100,000 miles.

I average 20 to 24 miles even in Florida where my mileage really suffered in the past with "Pirelli and Goodrich "tires.

I have to say that the tire shown on this page ,appears to be the same I have, though the tires shown at any other sites appear to look different. Mine are not rounded at the edges rather well defined, and after 30,000 miles still look like new. I could never say that about any tires I have ever bought.

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