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I have searched high and low to find out what common complaints are... and what the common praises are among the most popular automobile tires out there.

So you want to know what the manufacturor, large retailers, and professional reviewers are saying?

This is a great first stop. I will summarize what tire makers such as Michelin, Cooper and BF Goodrich are saying, and also summarize what real people like you and I think.


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There are tons of car tire experts out there... we help to boil down the best tire reviews and opinions.

Learning only from dealers and tire stores can be biased (obviously they have something to gain). We don't sell tires here. We read the reviews and comments, summarize, and pass it onto you. So don't just look at the tire prices, look at the real experiences first.

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You can read our summaries of general tire information, or jump to the manufacturer site for finer details. Of course you can also click through to online tire stores if you like.

One more thing... let us know your experience with the tires you currently have. Each page will have a place to vent all your bad car tire experiences, as well as favorable ones. These real experiences will make this site better and better.


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