BF Goodrich g-Force Sport Tires: Reviews and Comments

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What BF Goodrich Tire Co. says: "Best in class for dry handling... sport compact tires... " note that the 'best in class' distinction was for dry performance summer-oriented tires". Available in a wide variety of sizes, you can find the g-Force Sport at retailers such as Sears Tire Center and Discount Tire Company starting at under $100.

Used by Skip Barber Racing Schools, the g-Force Sport has sturdy sidewalls and a shoulder profile that is rounded. This is said to resist deflection and give better feedback at the grip limit. Bf Goodrich claims that the cutting-edge tread design on these tires help to disperse water and improve traction in wet weather.

The layout of the tread includes two deep, wide circumferential rain channels - and a rounded shoulder profile. A proprietary "BlackTech" tread compound helps the g-Force tires maintain and excellent dry grip. BF Goodrich positions these tires as having excellent strength, smooth ride and a footprint that is consistent with maximum tread contact maintained in high-speed conditions.

Consumer Reviews and Comments:


  • "Quick steering and a decent ride"
  • "I drive fairly aggressively, but haven't approached lateral adhesion limits of these tires. They don't attract unwanted attention by squealing loudly at the slightest provocation."
  • "Traction was excellent after a long breaking period... very happy with the performance of these tires in dry conditions... traction in wet conditions is good. At 65 mpg I hit a pool of water over 25' long and 2" deep and there was no hydroplaning.... not as much traction as the Summoto's in ice or snow" (comments from an aggressive driver from AZ)
  • "Truly a performance street tire... the car handled very well compared to Cooper Tires... I plan to purchase another set when these finally wear out!"
  • "Good tires for the first 5000 miles... Great tires and a great value for the price, but if you care about noise, you may want to look elsewhere."


  • "Breaking in the tires took 150 miles"
  • "Noise seemed to have increased after 5,000 miles"
  • "Compared to the Dunlop Sport 5000M tires, the g-Force Sports didn't feel quite as sharp when you first turn the wheel... not as much feedback through the wheel... might make a bit more noise. I simply remember the Dunlop's being a bit better."

Tire-Reviews-Online Summary of the g-Force Sport:

An affordable tire, but may be a bit noisy. May be a good option for a sporty FWD car. Tires like these are good for non-snow environments, and people seem to agree that the traction in the rain is admirable. You can find g-Force Sport's at large retailers such as Big O Tire, Sears Tire Center.

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