BF Goodrich g-Force Super Sport Tires: Reviews and Comments

BF Goodrich Super Sport Tireg-Force Super Sport A/S

What BF Goodrich says:"All Season traction... a true ultra high-performance tire developed for the drivers of sport cars, sporty coupes, and performance cars"

Consumer Tire Reviews and Comments:


  • "Excellent dry handling and responsiveness"
  • "Wet traction and rides comfortably"
  • "These tires perform very well in most conditions. I am very pleased"
  • "I have these tires on my car and I love them. The ride is great, espeically in the rain. These tires are even better than I expected"
  • "Execellent grip, and after 15,000 miles I still don't see any wear"
  • "I have owned both Falken Azenis and Dunlops, both wore faster than the f-Force Super Sport.
  • "The tire still has the plenty of grip. The all-season tread adds stability in the rain, even more than the regular g-Force Sport."
  • "The tire has a good amount of grip for an all-season tire "


  • "I found that this tire wore quite fast (mostly on the edges).
  • "I was disappointed with the BF Goodrich Super Sport. I found them to be very noisy and a rough ride on pavements that have grooves for dranage (common on Southern California freeways)."

Tire-Reviews-Online Summary of the g-Force Super Sport Tires:

The g-Force Sport tire is claimed to be 'three tires in one' and well driven in a little bad weather (even light snow). Designed for the driver enthusiast, these tires feature BF Goodrich's Multi Grip Tread Technology. Multi Grip uses three tread compounds laid out side-by-side across the tire. This provides better traction in wet and light snow conditions.

This tire also features what's known as "g-Control sidewall inserts" These mix a comfortable ride ride with terrific handling. A reinforced sidewall rim protector that is suppose to protect the tire from curb damage. We did find at least one review that stated the tire work quickly mostly on the edgest. You may wish to ask about this when speaking to the guys at your tire stores.

Although this tire performs better than the g-Force Sport on wet surfaces, it can should be highly considered by performance drivers that do not predominately drive in wet conditions.

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