Review of BF Goodrich Tires - Advantage T/A

The Advantage T/A's from BF Goodrich Tires are designed for people that consider themselves 'everyday drivers', but also claim to target performance drivers (though reviewers don't collectively support this position). The Advantage T/A's are somewhat sporty, and they do boast good handling reviews. They have notably long-wearing tread, and being all-season tires they handle well in light snow.


The construction targets handling and traction. Silica tread compounds are designed with an interlocking g-Grip pattern. This is said to improve all-weather handling and a greater responsiveness. There are two steel belts under the tread for improved reinforcement. This makes the tire more durable as well as providing for a smooth ride. The warranty on these tires is 60K miles.

So what are people saying about these BF Goodrich Tires?

  • The ride on these tires is very smooth and quiet at relatively lower speeds.
  • Traction on wet roads is very good. Good resistance to hydroplaning as well.
  • Better handling in light snow than Michelin MXV4's according to one reviewer.
  • Affordably priced
  • Great Tread wear

Not-So-Good Comments on these tires:

  • A few reviewers have stated that the tire vibrates at higher speeds.
  • Kind of plain looking
  • Quiet tires, but definitely not a for performance drivers.
  • Poor freeway handling according to a few reviewers


Final thoughts on BF Goodrich Tires:

Cooper TiresThe old saying that 'you get what you pay for' applies here. The Advantage TA is a very affordable tire, but the reviews are mixed. If you don't consider yourself a 'performance driver' and you are not in harsh conditions, then this tire may work for you.

The comments on the vibration are a bit damning. However, if you don't do a lot of freeway driving then this tire may work.

In conclusion, if you are on a tighter budget these tires could be a very good purchase for you. Also, if you drive at higher speeds frequently (>65mph) then consider comparable tires such as Michelin MX Plus.

Note that BF Goodrich tires can be found at Big O Tires and Discount Tires.

Compare with Other BF Goodrich Tires

g-Force Sport - Said to be "Best in class for dry handling... sport compact tires... "

g-Force Super Sport A/S - The g-Force Sport tire is claimed to be 'three tires in one' and well driven in a little bad weather (even light snow).

g-Force KDW - Positioned as a Ultra High Performance Summer tire, the g-Force T/A KDW's were was developed to bring a mix of both dry and wet road performance.

Radial T/A - Reviews are somewhat mixed on these tires. In general, tires of this kind are great for traditional muscle cars. 

Compare with Michelin Tires

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