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The Radial T/A's from BF Goodrich Tires are a great tire for a classic, All-American muscle car or street rod. They have black or raised white lettering sidewall styling and sizes from 50-70 series.

According to BF Goodrich, the classic looks and modern performance make these tires an "American performance legend". In general, tires like this (with a wide profile) are... well just simply cool looking. However, how well do they hold up in the online tire reviews? First let's read what BF Goodrich Tires says about the Radial T/A's.

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Originally developed for owners of muscle cars, kit cars, and street rods... the Radial T/A's also have become popular with light trucks that want a wide tire with a low profile. Though not designed for heavy snow, the speed ratings are S and T, and have tire ratings of M/S. See our tire rating guide for details. These tires are considered to have modern performance and traction for year-round driving.

Every year the Radial T/A tires rank as the most popular tire design of it's kind. BF Goodrich incorporates their g-Wedge technology into these tires, which is also in advanced Comp T/A radials. The g-Wedge technology adds a stabilizer to the sidewall design that is said to improve steering and response, as well as lateral stability. According to BF Goodrich, this also adds to the comfort and smoothness of the ride.

The construction of these tires have a new tread compound and variable groove angle patter that result in better wet traction and control. Stiffer handling is the result of a polyester and steel construction. An all-season tread compound is molded into the Radial T/A's creating a block pattern with variable groove angle geometry and block-phasing. All this means a longer lasting tire with better handling in wet conditions and a smoother ride in general.

According to the tire reviews, the looks on these tires often sell them. They are positioned as being high performance with low noise levels, but the wide profile is attractive to modern muscle car owners.

Positive Online Tire Review Comments:

  • "The white lettering looks great on most vehicles and gives a nice 'sport 'look. They are fairly quiet and ride well"

  • "All around look and handling are excellent. Will buy these tires again"

  • "These BF Goodrich tires are good for all seasons... would recommend them"

  • "I got 60-70K on these tires. Reviews are pretty good for a tire you can buy for less than $100. I don't get much snow where I live, but have driven through storms from time to time and have been very pleased"

  • "I purchased these tires based on the tire ratings. These are very good tires. I do some off-roading and I have noticed that the traction is better the more air I let out."

  • "Traction in the show has been great with the BFG Radial's. We had a good snow a while ago and I was able to drive right on past others that were stuck. Very impressed."

  • "... good steering feel and response. "

Negative Comments:

  • "I'm an aggressive driver and I find that the BFG TA's squirm all over the road. Handling is bad going into turns and the corner stability is twitchy. "

  • "Looked good until 10K miles and may now need to replace these tires. Ratings are for mud and snow, but these tires wear so fast I doubt they will make it to 36,000 miles. I would not buy another set for this truck."

  • "Tread life could be better but a good tire overall."

  • "Might be good for a truck but they are terrible on my 280z. Breaks loose way too easily in the wet from acceleration and braking. Can't wait to get rid of them (purchased with car)"

Final thoughts from on these BF Goodrich tires:

Reviews are somewhat mixed on these tires. In general, tires of this kind are great for traditional muscle cars. They yield a great look and offer good performance overall. If you're driving in light snow and wet weather you'll d fine. If you're looking for an affordable tire with a sweet low profile and wide tread, then definitely check out these tires.

You can find these BF Goodrich tires at Sears Tire Center, as well as other large discount tire stores. Keep an eye out for discount tire coupons as well. Great deals are to be had if you look.



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