Big O Service

by Denise
(Springfield, MO)

Last year my boyfriend said I overpaid for a set of EURO TOUR tires on my 2002 Crown Victoria LX sport at Big O Tires ($662 and change). I chose them because all that came with the tires: free flats fixed, free rotation, and a free new tire within the first three years if a tire was unfixable due to a road hazard (excluding racing or burnouts, or any self destructive act an owner could do). Well, fast forward to two days ago when I hit something metal laying in the road that popped my back tire and even put a gash in my rim. I was so nervous before I went. I had dealt with guarantees before where the company finds some reason to wiggle out of their promises, but there was no drama on their part. They gave me a brand new tire for just the cost of installation ($12.62) and even rotated the tires since I was there! I was in and out fast too. I did call first to make sure they had the time since they do a lot of company fleets and can get very busy some days. I know being a chain each store can be different depending on the manager, but Big O in Springfield, Missouri is friendly and fast. Love those guys!

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