Big O Tires are everywhere, but is it the best tire store?

Big O Tires is America's biggest tire franchise, and certainly worth walking into to see what their deals are. They are headquartered in Colorado, but with over 500 stores in over 20 states, you are likely to have one not too far. If there is a neighborhood store close to you, be sure to stop in and report back to us on your experience.

Not only does Big O Tire sell all the best tires (like Michelin, Goodyear, and Cooper Tires), but they also have their own private brand of tires. In addition to selling tires, Big O also sells wheels and does minor service and maintenance such as oil changes, brakes, batteries, etc. They are also a good place to go when you need tire chains and other accessories.

Ok, now some not-so-good reviews of Big O Tire. There has been an ongoing thread about bad service in various locations. Many have stated that the tire prices are inflated, so do your homework on local deals, as well as what you can get at competing tire stores such as Sears Tire and Costco Tires. It may also be worth a quick trip to Walmart. Tire deals are always out there. If Big O Tires has the best prices on the type of tire you're looking for, then you may be in luck.

As with any other big franchise, you can only hope that there is consistency in service and value. Tire Stores like Big O is no exception. We have found comments where the entire service crew was turned over within a year, and unfortunately for that reviewer the new staff was not good.

Comments from customers must be taken with a grain of salt however. People will quickly post negative tire reviews, while positive feedback goes unsaid. However, our research on Internet reviews have shown an awful lot of negativity. Some of these tire stores have been called shady, and some have had to haggle with prices stating that the sales guys were not honoring advertised prices. There have also been numerous comments about the private brand, saying that the quality of the tire was very poor. If you have any experience (negative or positive) with Big O Tire private brand, or the stores themselves, please post your experience below. This adds great value to our efforts to produce truly non-biased tire reviews on this site.

Of course we are interested in positive comments as well. One reviewer was so delighted with the service that he made a point to talk to the manager of the store. Your mileage will certainly vary, and if you are getting service done on your care then the professionalism of the establishment is critical. However, if they have a great deal on some of the best tires such as Goodyear or Michelin, then get in there and check them out.

The final word here at tire-reviews-online is this... Big O Tire is a huge franchise and appears to be somewhat inconsistent across shops. People either love them or hate them, and that probably depends on how their local store is managed. If you're driving home from work and notice one it may be worth a few minutes to stop in. You can also check their Savings Page for tire deals. You may want to be weary of their private brand of tire, but mainstream tires should be safe. Check their satisfaction policy carefully before making your purchase.

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