Bridgestone Duravis 773II

by GL Taylor
(Marana Arizona)

Great tires. Expensive high end line of the brand. I definitely would buy these again. In the same price category as Michelin of same size and type.

My review is for 265-75-16-123. This is a heavy duty 10 ply all season, all terrain tire. Quiet, handles well on wet or dry pavement and dirt roads. Does considerably better in wet snow than Pirelli Scorpions they replaced. They are also very good on fuel for the tread design. The tread life benefit in the long run may be worth the extra price over tires like a Cooper in the same class.

These tires do not seem to give up any wet or dry traction for tread life like some Michelin's do with harder rubber compounds. Highly recommended if you have the extra money. A full set of these can cost an extra $200.00 on a full sized pickup over other brands like Cooper, Hankook etc.

Bridgestone does from time to time offer $70.00 prepaid debit card rebate programs on a full set. Some tire shops will apply that to mounting and balancing costs. You may also be able to negotiate a cheaper full set price for cold hard cash at some places like Discount Tire or independent shops.

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