BUYER BEWARE!!! Michelin Tires lack of Customer Support!!!

by Robert Day
(Pipe Creek, Texas)

While traveling south bound in San Antonio, Tx on State Hwy 151, during peak morning traffic, February 2012, doing about 65 MPH I had a blowout. This was on the right rear side of my 2002, F-350, Ford Super Duty Truck.

Due to the fact that I was on an Interstate Hwy., with heavy traffic I had to drive approx. 1 mile before I was able to enter an exit ramp so that I could find a safe location to change the tire. The tire was completely destroyed as was the right rear of my truck. The damage was $3,400.00.

I went to Discount Tire, where I had purchased the tire, and fortunately I had a Roadside Hazard Policy on the tire. The tire was replaced with only the cost of purchasing a policy on the new tire. I had the tire shipped to the Michelin Tire Company, after being advised to do so by Discount Tire. I was also advised by them to file a claim against Michelin Tire for damages caused by the blowout. I did so, and after about two weeks I received a letter from Michelin advising me that they needed two estimates.

I had to pay for both estimates! Approx. 2-3 weeks after sending the estimates I received a letter advising me that they were not responsible for the damage to my vehicle, due to the fact that I had driven the tire with low tire pressure. I had recently checked all four tires and put 80 pounds of pressure in them earlier that morning. I called Michelin Tire and talked with a representitive of their company and after relating to him what had happened he stated that they do not cut into the tire and do any internal inspection, only a visual inspection of what was remaing of the tire.

He stated that the damage done to the tire was consistant with what I described to him, however they would not, in any way, accept responsibility for damage done to my vehicle.

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