i have just replaced my tires on my 2007 saturn ion 3 please know that uniroyal tires at least the tiger paws are sub standard and low quality. they wore out well before the suggested mileage replacement time as well as had bad seal bead problems relating to improper inflation at all times.

now for the replacement brand i purchased, the cooper cs5 series was a beefy v rated long term mileage choice,although these have been on the car only 2 days i feel i could travel cross country and have no problems,the appearance and ride is phenominal.

another good plug for a previous tire is goodyear eagle ls.
sidewall and profile was very strong and quite sturdy and comfortable riding.

obviously after 126000 miles consider the cars condition
and dont go cheap if you are keeping the car.

original equipment hankook tires were discontinued after the model years went by,so when considering tires see if there going to be around when you might need them.

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