Concern sidewall Cracking Michelin XRV 245/70R19.5 warranty

by Robert Griffin
(Papillion NE)

I have a concern about my six Michelin Motor Home tire purchased Aug 2008 from Costco,
Concern sidewall Cracking Michelin XRV 245/70R19.5 warranty
Attached Pic;s, Only 13,000 highway miles. I have experienced 1 Blow-out on this motor home prior to purchasing these tire, and 2 other blowout on my previous RV.

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Sep 25, 2016
Recycled tires causes cracks! NEW
by: Anonymous

I have set of tires that are 17yo on a truck bought new and they look like new at 40k.

No sidewall cracking.

Another truck i had tires 13.9 yrs old with 100k on them no sidewall cracking tires were still good!

Having changed and repaired tons of tires todays tires are cheaply paid!

It about the dollar folks its always about the money..all companies are greedy and try to save a dollar.

If company x saves 1 dollar on a each tire and makes 100 million tires do the math and everyone gets BONUSES!!!

Think about it....they make them cheap as crap.... so what if all your family gets killed they have lawyers to deny that!

Welcome to human nature!

Old Michelin tires were great quality but, today i do not trust them from the blow outs i have seen.

Working in a tire shop I never saw a blow out except for recaps and hobos using 30yo tires they found in the junk yard.

Tred wear is different but, A good tire sidewall and construction if taken care of should last 10 years or 20+ years if you keep in the garage like my pampered truck.

Tred wear is different

Where are the materials coming from is the problem!

Government has such a ban on old tires it cost more to obtain rubber and components so companies cut corners.

Jul 06, 2014
by: Diggerdave

What do you expect after 6yrs. You should change any tire after 5yrs no matter what the mileage and especially if you are only doing low miles as the sidewalls distort and crack after being parked without revolving.

It's even worse on the walls if you live in a very hot or very cold climate.

I don't know what you would pay for RV tires in the states but if it was $1,000 per set it would be only $200 per year over 5 years.

What cost would you put on your family safety.

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