Cooper A/T3 The "Truly""Terrible""Tire"

by Scott

I do not drive absurdly and hardly go off road. When I do it is minimal. Having a 4x4 Chevy Colorado I purchased a set of Cooper A/T3 in 31x10.5x15r. Not even 15,000 miles and one year later I am ready to replace! These tires wore uneven and extremely fast, they were absurdly loud to the point I had to crank my radio up just to get over the road noise, and they were never able to stay inflated! I did proper maintenance such as correct air pressure, regular rotation, and inspections. (I have the receipts!)

The Cooper A/T3 (Truly,Terrible,Tire) is the worst tire I have ever owned. I was highly disappointed and unimpressed with the longevity and value of the Made in the USA Cooper Tire. As an auto enthusiast, It hurts me I did not find the tire I thought I was getting with Cooper. Granted, I know these tires could have come from a bad batch this was the first set of Coopers I ever owned and maybe my last.

I hope this letter reaches you well,

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