by James C. Head
(Jellico, Tn. 37762)

215X60X16 2009 Toyota Camry CS4 touring 80,000 warrenty
I've owned three 2500 Dodge vans.Cooper tireswere the best tire for the van, Original tires Goodyear the tires cuped
so bad Goodyear gave me a new set at $40 a tire that was 29000 miles, at 30000 same thing I dumped them. I went to a dealer asked what kind of tire he had to fit the van He told me cooper and mitchlin. I ask the difference he said $20.00. I bought Cooper 40,000 no cuping, even wear.
Bought a new vam mitchilin tires I kept the correct amount
of air in the tires both edged wore as if too much air.
I check the tires in the am before driving

Now on my Toyota has 215x60x16 CS4 Touring Cooper
mounted the tires 72,624 now have 81,869 total of 9245 mi
I noticed a bump thought it might be the road. maybe it could be a tire. I had the tires checked he said the right
rear had a flat spot. being on the back I didn't notice it like it being on the front. I have the tires balanced about every 5,000 miles
80,000 warenty defect in less than 9,245 miles I wonder what Cooper will do about it. If Cooper pro rate me a tire
I will think they are quality minded ever one can slip up.
If I'm stuck with a defective tire good bye cooper

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