Cooper Cobra Gt problems

by Ron Grady
(Carlsbad NM. USA)

Over the last ten years I have bought 10 cooper Gt's and put on my Plymouth Road Runner and Dodge LiL Red Express Truck. I love the grip, feel and ride of these tires plus they look great 70's on the front 50's on the rear. However I have lost 8 tires always on a hot day and at highway speeds and it doesn't mater on size these vehicles are kept in a climate controlled garage.

They have very low mileage and not abused as these vehicles are for show. I lost another on sept 26/2015 coming back from a car show the tread separates from the steel cord causing a huge egg. I can tell immediately from the vibration every one of these have failed this way.

I hate to say it but I'm done with cooper I am removing all the rest. I am personally cutting the side walls so no one can reuse them while I have not had a catastrophic failure this is a dangerous thing to happen they should be recalled.

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