Cooper Cobra GT Radial Tires

by Ken Brown
(Lincoln, NE)

Okay, the price was reasonable, and other reviews I had read were generally favorable. I put them on a Mazda B4000 pickup, so it's not like a little performance car. I drive very gently and 3000 of the miles were accumulated on a nearly 3000 mile trip.
The tires are ready for their first rotation and the front tread wear is, in my opinion, excessive. They have worn 1/3 of the tread in 6000 miles. Look, I am a "car guy". Have always checked the pressure and had an alignment done when they were installed. There is no other unusual wear other than tread depth.
The rears are still virtually new. I realize that they have little weight over them, but the difference is striking.
At this rate, I will be lucky to get 24K out of them before they become too worn to be safe. And I believe Cooper says they are 65K warranty tires. No idea how they came up with that figure.
Other than that, the tires ride well and quietly. They are very good in the rain, although at 6000 miles they better be.
But, if you are going to put alot of miles on your vehicle, consider something else.

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