by John K

I purchased 4 CS4 tires for my wife's car in December of 2011 and all was well for several months. It was 1 tire after another that began to lose air and it became a battle to keep the pressure up. This gradually got worse and the tires would go flat. I brought the car back to the dealer numerous times and it was the same story; road salt corroded the alum wheels and he would resurface them for a $40.00 per wheel fee. That didn't work and then the story changed to hitting the curbs and breaking the bead. The tires were getting so troublesome that my wife didn't want to drive the car. I took the car to another tire store and after breaking the wheels down found that 3 of the 4 had cracked liners and were unsafe to drive on. I was told by the mechanic that this was not a isolated incident with these tires.

I had to replace a set of tires with 14000 miles usage which is totally unacceptable.

I have had Cooper tires on my SUV and have had good results but these CS4s are of poor design and quality. I would not recommend them for anyone to purchase.

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