Cooper CS4 Review

by Peter Schmitt
(New Milford, CT USA)

I have owned a set of Cooper CS4 tires for two winter seasons with about 10,000 miles on them at the time of this writing. I had installed them on my 2008 Saturn Outlook AWD.

The tires are great and smooth on dry pavement, but are horrible in the snow. Cooper has no business calling this all season tires and giving them an M&S rating. They are worse than the original equipment Goodyear GT4 tires they replaced. I actually have to avoid snow with these tires. I am going to wear them out quickly during the dry weather so that I can replace them with a better tire.


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Nov 02, 2012
Don't worry about dry-rot
by: Anonymous

Tire wears out too quickly. Good looks and handling but longevity is lacking. Do not waste your money on these tires.

One thing for sure, they won't last long enough to dry-rot!

Nov 12, 2011
ignorant drivers
by: Anonymous

I have owned more than 75 vehicles ranging from muscle cars to off road vehicles so I have purchased more than my share of tires. I currently drive 7 vehicles. The oldest is a 1947 and the newest is a 2010. I will state I have not had a problem with the CS4 touring (H) tires. I also have them on an AWD Saturn Outlook and find them just fine in the snow. I live in MN an a steep private road. You just need to know how to drive a paticular vehicle. I know some people forget to turn off the traction control in deep or wet snow and complain their tires are crap. I also have obtained over 60,000 miles on a set of CS4's with proper inflation and rotation.

I have noted many people who complain about tire problems drive forign vehicles, but that makes sense since MOST people who drive forign cars/trucks do not know much about mechanics. Neither do they care about the American families.

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