Cooper CS4, The Best Tires I ever owned

by Matt
(Midlothian, VA, USA)

I was weary of buying Cooper tires, as I never even heard of them. But after reading how Cooper spent 200 million on research, I decided to give them a try.

Here I am after 50,000 driving, writing this review. The ride and handling is amazing. I am amazed how long these tires lasted with the issues, I am about to explain. About a year or so driving on these tires, for some reason, the rear tires started making noise and the noise kept getting louder. Later, I found, the rear struts were bad and caused cupping on these tires. Since, then I have driven about 40,000 on these tires, without any issue and never rotating tires (as I did once, and the noise was transferred to front which was annoying).

I cannot tell you how many times, I had to replace tires that had 55000 or 65000 mile warranty after 25,000 miles or so. But these tires, with all the issue, my strut created, no alignment, balancing or rotation keep on trucking. I am very impressed. I know these are 80,000 miles tires but I would swear that these tires would easily last 80,000 miles if it was not because of my 2008 Honda CRV-EX strut issue.

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Dec 09, 2013
Guarante and Rotating Tyres NEW
by: JoeBlogs

Hi Matt,

I don’t know of any tyre manufacturer in the UK offering any guaranteed mileage for a tyre and it’s not often that they will replace or give you a pro-rata allowance.

You may get the tyre fitter saying “these are good for **** miles” but nothing in writing. Most people in the UK buy tyres and don’t buy the same make again if they feel they got a raw deal.

I and a lot of people don’t rotate their tyres because when you do you wear them all down at the same time and it’s a costly to replace 4 at one go.

If you don’t rotate your tyres you are more likely to detect individual alignment or bearing faults on individual hubs, but we don’t have the requirement to keep a guarantee valid.

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