Cooper CS4

by Jack

This is a tire to avoid at all costs. It offers great handling and performance; however, they last as long as fresh bananas.

It took 6 (six) tires to go 22,000. Here is the story. I bought 4 Cooper CS4 tires for my son's 1999 Dodge Stratus ES. After the front pair wore out after only 8,000 miles, I yelled and fussed with him and made him buy two new replacement Cooper CS4 tires, with his part time minimum wage earnings. I figured he was the culprit and he would drive differently from then on.

But then I started to carefully monitor the treadwear and was amazed at how quickly they were wearing out.

The ones that spent the most time on the rear made it the longest, and were two of the original 4 I purchased. They made it only 22,000 miles. The other replacement two made it only 14,600 miles.

I have been driving for 39 years and confess to being a spirited driver, but I have never seen such poor treadwear in a modern tire.

Fortunately, my tire dealer made a substantial adjustment in consideration of of the pathetic Cooper tires with another set of tires, from a different manufacturer.

Now I wonder how long those other Coops I put on the truck will last. Cooper bills the CS4 as an 80,000 mile tire (no tire is that good) but they must mean that as a combined total for each tire on a four tire set.

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