Cooper CS4s are Nail Magnets

I've had Cooper CS4s for several years now and have about 16K miles on them. I rotate them every 5K miles. They are a great performance tire for my all season, normal road driving... BUT... I have had more nail-puncture related flats than any other tire I have ever owned,4 flats so far and these tires have MILES of service left on them. I drive on State, open roads, Is the tire rubber TOO SOFT????

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May 14, 2016
cooper tires and nails NEW
by: JB

It is very odd that I would see this post and remember all of the flats we got on my wife's cooper tires on the mini van. I thought it was just bad luck. My other car was driven on the same roads with different tires and I never had that kind of bad luck. I asked her (jokingly) if someone at her work was driving nails into her car or something.
Perhaps there is something up with the tire itself. Your post makes me want to re-consider buying cooper tires again.

Apr 04, 2014
Cooper tires nail magnent! NEW
by: Anonymous

Same problem, I drive for a living and have got seven flats from nails in 40,000 miles, I also wonder the same thing, soft rubber?? I'll never buy another pair

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