Cooper Discoverer ATR, not true to size

by Dylan
(Ventura CA)

I purchased the 30x9.5xR15 Cooper Discoverer ATR thinking i was getting the advertised 30in tire. It was pouring rain for over a week and I spun out multiple times. I needed new tires. I wanted bigger tires (had 27in previously) so I bought them for $700. The next morning I went out and looked and they didnt look much bigger so I measured them. They were surprisingly just reaching 28in. REALLY? i spent $700 on a tire that was basically the same size as my old ones. The tire shop would not take them back.

I emailed Cooper and they said it was not their problem and that the tire should be inflated to 65PSI to get it to 29.89in. REALLY????? No way an i going to inflate an offroad truck tire to twice the recommended psi. that it should be already. I measured my friends BFGs 30x9.5xR15 and they are actually 30in.

This is a warning to anyone going to buy these tires. Measure them before hand so you dont get stuck in my situation

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