Cooper Discoverer Crap

by Richard
(New York)

I have Cooper Discoverer CTS on my wifes Mercedes ML320. They have been on the car since 10/09. Approx. 24,000 miles on them and they've been rotated twice. The tread is almost to the wear bar. The dealer says that the warranty is void since they weren't rotated every 6,000 miles.

This is supposed to be a 70,000 tire. The rep. said they would prorate one tire and give me $20.00 off a $180.00 new tire. I would have to drive the vehicle approx. another 5k miles to get down to the wear bar and be subject to proration on the other three tires. Are they kidding me? Any reasonable person could see that these tires have worn prematurely and they want me to invest $600+ in another set. I think not. I'll pay more and go back to Michelin. They wore, handled and road much better. Coopers warranty is a joke.

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Apr 19, 2012
These tires are crap
by: Keith Martin

I purchased four Cooper Discoverer CTS tires for my truck on March 16, 2012. Two weeks later I had the rear two tires replaced for being out of round. A week later I had the front two replaced for the same reason. As I still had a bad vibration, and thief dealer considered the last replacement our final adjustment, I took the truck to another dealer that discovered the two new rear tires were also out of round. They ordered two new tires and only one of them was good. They ordered another tire and it was also bad. I decided to go with another brand since. Oiler does not offer another 70,000 mile tire. Now the dealer will only allow for his costs and the replacements are going to cost an additional $500.00 total and cooper is not even willing to refund the difference of what I paid and what I am being given which is $226.32. So out of ten tires I got three good ones and they want me to replace them with cooper tires of lesser value and mile warranty. Their tires are crap and I strongly reccommend you stay away from them.

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