Cooper Discoverer SRX

by Sean

I've read some critical reviews of Cooper tires, so wanted to share our experience. We purchased four Cooper Discoverer SRX tires for our Lincoln MKX. The price was reasonable, and our mechanic, whom we have trusted and worked with for years, had nothing but praise for Cooper tires. This was important, as we have traditionally purchased upper-end Goodyear tires (and been very happy with them). A couple weeks after the tires were installed, we were back at the mechanic's for another issue, and they noticed that the tread was separating on one tire. Cooper authorized replacement immediately, and we have had no problems since. There was also a $70 rebate offer. We submitted this online on September 15, and the rebate was in our mailbox October 24. The tires seem to grip well and are quiet, though it's never easy to judge tire noise outside a side-by-side comparison. Overall, we have been impressed with Cooper Tires' customer service and product, and (at least so far) are happy with out choice to try something other than tried-and-true Goodyear tires.

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