Cooper Discoverers CTS 245/55 R 19 Pleased :)

by Michael
(Coastal South Carolina)

OK - I now have 30,000 miles on them. They are on a 2013 Toyota Highlander Limited V6 FWD. Driven in Coastal South Carolina so NA with snow and ice driving. I also run nitrogen in them.I know some people and professional tire people say it does not help in any manor.I have 10 years of experience of running nitrogen in tires and I respectfully disagree.I hardly ever, if ever, have to add more because of loosing pressure. My tires also have never came up short on tread life etc etc. Rotate every 5 to 10,000 miles also.So I will start with negatives if you want to call these negative.Handling is good.However these are not made for sporty SUV's.They handle good in all conditions and driving techniques with my Highlander.However
you can tell that with aggressive driving in a sporty SUV( v6 Rav 4,Porsche Cayenne for example) they would not have the ability to keep you hooked up quickly without significant roll around sharp corners driving fast.I hope that makes sense. Gas mileage.Good.I get the mileage I am supposed to, 18 city 24/25 highway. On my OME I did get 2 mpg better on highway but they were HORRIBLE in the rain.Positives-wear is very good.Should get the 70k they said I would without much issues.In rainy weather the are excellent.You could hit puddles at 55 mph and not even notice it.Comfort and quietness very good.They are not the best I have owned however still very good.Value-for what I paid (buy 3 get 4th for 1 penny plus 70/75 dollar rebate)I would say excellent.Overall I am pleased and would on a 0 to 10 scale with 10 being the best give them 8/10.I hope this helps someone.Thank you :)

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