Cooper STT Pro's - New FAVORITE tire!

by sean
(denver co)

I wanted to write a quick experience about the Cooper STT Pros thus far. Granted, I have only had these tires for just over 90 days, I felt I should give an update on my personal thoughts as I have suggested these tires numerous times, and several have followed suit!

Unfortunately, (or fortunately- depending how you look at it) we are in summer so I was unable to give these an in-depth review in our snow.

A little background on Cooper:
Cooper Tire & Rubber Company has a manufacturing history spanning just over a century and is currently the fifth largest tire company in North America. Cooper offers a handful of different SUV and light truck tires from very mild to all-terrain to mud-terrain. Each tire in the lineup is meant to provide competent highway handling but serve a second need in the dirt, with increasing levels of tread aggressiveness.

Features and Benefits:
The Cooper Discoverer STT Pro is summed up to be the biggest, baddest and most extreme tire that Cooper has ever made. Get ready to pulverize the streets and hammer through the mud with Cooper's newest offroad offering. This mud terrain tire is constructed with a 3-2 inner tread pattern and large depth side bitters to enhance traction, handling and steering response. The Discoverer STT Pro is equipped with 3-ply Armor-Tek 3 carcass construction for maximum strength and durability in any off road terrain. Coming through with great refinement, this tire also delivers on road with a quiet tread design, and solid road manners; Cooper's Discoverer STT Pro will truly show everyone what your truck or Jeep is made of.

Armor-Tek 3 carcass construction: stronger and tougher composition to provide more protection in extreme off road conditions.
M+S rated: Durable in snowy and muddy conditions with enhanced traction.
Flex groove: maintains flexibility of the STT PRO, for a smoother ride.
3-2 inner tread ribs: delivers excellent handling, traction and even treadwear.
Large depth side bitters: improves grip and traction on loose surfaces.
Staggered tread pitch: delivers a smooth and quiet ride, despite the large, biting lugs.

Dry Traction: The grip is great! I am running the 35" (305/70/18) STT Pro's and their ability to stay in line with minimal correction at the wheel is definitely top notch! With as bad of roads as we have in CO, the wander was minimal in comparison to previous tires I have ran in a 35" (or close to) size.

Wet Traction: In CO, we sustain a decent amount of rain during our early/mid summer months. Actually, flooding is normal at some points. I had the opportunity to take them down some flooded roads (safe to travel) and multiple wet streets. On my previous set of tires (Nitto Terra Grappler G2's; 295/70/18) my tires would hydroplane in small, unavoidable flood spots leaving my heart bouncing out of my chest at times. I have yet to experience this with the STT Pro's!

Road Noise: I have several personal friends who run the STT Pro's in this size and prior to obtaining these tires, it was a large concern of mine due to fearing they would be as noisy as the Toyo M/T Open Country's I ran on my last truck. Despite having personal friends who stated very similar, I needed to find out myself.

To much of my surprise, these tires are not close to, or even half as noisy as the Toyo's!
These tires are surprisingly quiet for such an aggressive tire. These are the quietest M/T on the market. There is some "road noise", but not as loud as you would think. They are louder than the KO2's, but not much.

In Closing, I would easily run these tires again! I have recommended them to multiple users on this forum, and other social media sites that took my word and share similar thoughts on this tire. So, if you're on the edge of purchasing these- Just do ETTTTTT!

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