by mike
(Hilton Head,SC)

OK.Checking in again with 5,000 miles on them.I drive a 2013 Toyota Highlander Limited Fwd in the Hilton Head ,SC region.Wet and dry traction- excellent,ride noise -very good,gas mileage-good,handling -very good HOWEVER they are not made for a sporty SUV that you drive like a sports car like my Toyota RAV4 that had a V6 in it..

I do not know how to explain why in a brief review just trust me.Ride comfort -very good.Tread life-no wear after 5k.I am a high mileage driver..25-30k yearly.Scale from 0 to 10....i give them an 8 at this point.Pleased,no complaints.PS-i do run nitrogen in my tires.I know all the serious tests say not a big difference than running air.My 7 years of running nitrogen has demonstrated better wear,less pressure changes with weather change etc etc.I will always run nitrogen.

I will check back in 5k more or sooner if any significant issues arise.

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