by mike
(Low Country , South Carolina)

OK- 10k on them so here we go.Live and drive in the Low country of South Carolina/Hilton Head Island area.Drive a 2013 Toyota Highlander Limited V6 FWD.Rotate every 5k and run hydrogen in them.Ride comfort and road noise both score very good.Rain and dry weather performance both very good also.Handling good however these are note meant for a sporty SUV.They are just fine for mid size family type SUV driving even if you drive somewhat aggressively.Wear seems very good-look brand new still.Gas mileage-this is somewhat tricky-my SUV is rated at 18 to 24 mpg..that's what i get,. however on my OME tires i got 26 highway for whats it worth.Those OME tires where HORRIBLE in the rain though.Overall ,taking everything in consideration on a 0 to 10 scale give them an 8.Very pleased.See you in 5k i hope :)

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