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Cooper CS4 Review

Cooper tires are replacement tires (non-OEM) and offered primarily for cars, SUV, and Crossovers. Cooper put about $200 million into the research on the rubber to create the CS4, and it really paid off.

This is Cooper's first tire to incorporate R-Tech design. This design is said to provide for even tread wear, and to extend the thread life of the tire.

Cooper tires are replacement tires (non-OEM) and offered primarily for cars, SUV, and Crossovers. Cooper put about $200 million into the research on the rubber to create the CS4, and it really paid off.

This is Cooper's first tire to incorporate R-Tech design. This design is said to provide for even tread wear, and to extend the thread life of the tire.


Cooper Tires CS4Nylon wraps expand and contract with change in the temperature of the road. This makes the tire more rigid (when the road is hot) for better traction. R-Tech also has a wider arch and grooves that are much wider. This improves traction for wet driving conditions.

You can find the CS4 with two different tread designs. The first is the T-Rated (up to 118 MPH) design called the Four-Rib. The Four-Rib has a larger 'acua channel' running down the center of the tire.

The second tread design is the H/V Rated (up to 149 MPH) design called the Five-Rib which has two acua channels, one on each side of the center rib. Each tread design uses a silica tread for greater resistance to hydroplaning.

Tests performed by MotorTrend showed the Cooper CS4 tires stopped better than the Continental ContiTour tires (10 feet better) that were stock on the test vehicle. Tests results from Cooper were similar at 10-12 feet. These tests were done under wet conditions.

Under wet conditions the CS4's really shine.

Track tests against Michelin Harmony are said to be noticeably better with much more stability and greater traction. The T-Rated version of this tire is quoted as being 'less capable', but has that nice 80K mile warranty from Cooper Tires.

Price on these are from $60 to $120, so shop around for the deals and discount tire coupons.


  • Quiet and smooth ride. Comments in reviews of these tires state overwhelmingly that they are very quiet.
  • Great performance tire in dry and wet road conditions. In wet weather the Cooper CS4's really set themselves apart.
  • For All-Season tires the CS4's perform exceptionally well in light snow conditions
  • Many reviewers have stated that the CS4 are like 'riding on air'.


  • For some reason, the H/V rated CS4's can be hard to find. People really love these tires.

Final thoughts from tire-reviews-online.com:

CS4's are highly regarded by consumers that have owned them, as well as by the pros that have tested them. If you're looking for a tire that provides a very quiet and smooth ride, these may be your ticket.

It was hard to find many negative comments about this tire, and the ones that complained were not worth mentioning. If you are an aggressive drive you should get the Four-Rib tread design.

Also note that there is a 45 day road test on all Cooper tires. Price points can very, so look for those deals from Discount Tire and Sears Tire Center


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Got every mile they promised, wore down to the treadwear indicators without any issues whatsoever. Good in snow.

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Cooper CS4 
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Poor Treadwear 
They are almost down to the wear bar indicators after only 28,000 miles. Very disappointing!

Cooper CS4 Boffo Reviews legit 
I've owned the "COOPS" (Cooper Tires) for 1K miles now ... ALL the positive reviews are true....Quiet Ride...stable...cornering-solid...traction-reliable- …

Worst wearing tires I've ever owned 
Been driving for 28 years and the Cooper CS4's are the worst wearing tires I've ever owned. Shot after 32,000 miles. Avoid them.

Unsatisfied with Cooper CS4's 
I bought a brand new set of Cooper CS4 Touring tires and they will not hold air. I have taken them back 5 times and every time they say they won't hold …

omg... I love the Cooper CS4's 
Well, I have not had the CS4's for long (about 15,000 miles), but I still cannot believe how quite the ride is. I replaced some stock Goodyear tires on …

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Unhappy with CS 4 tire performance in snow 
We purchased Cooper CS 4 tires this past summer for our 2002 Ford Taurus. The tires worked great on wet and dry roads through summer and fall. Winter driving …

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Worst all season tire I have ever had on any of my vehicles in 41 years of driving. These tires will not get me up my driveway with as little as 2 inches …

Very poor winter traction with CS4 Not rated yet
I wholeheartedly disagree with claims that the Cooper CS4's have good winter traction. Consumer Reports also disagrees. I replaced the OEM Bridgestone …

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215X60X16 2009 Toyota Camry CS4 touring 80,000 warrenty I've owned three 2500 Dodge vans.Cooper tireswere the best tire for the van, Original tires Goodyear …

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I've had my CS4's H/V rated on my Camry for 19000 miles. Very quiet and smooth running. In addition to their great wet traction,one incident really impressed …

CS4 far better than the Kumo Solus HM tires  Not rated yet
I have been working at an independent automotive shop over the last 20 years. I have spun many tires on the balancer and it has always been the Michelin …

cs4 tour 102tbs 80k Not rated yet
Hi my name is vic I'm 69 years old and normally don't say much but I just thought I had to say something on these tires.I bought them because they are …

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Have CS4 s on 3 subarus and a Toyota sienna. If you have front wheel drive, rotate every 5000. This is the best all season tire. If you have a heavy foot …

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CS 4 Tires on a 1999 Camry Not rated yet
I got a good deal on these so I tried them. They seemed to ride just fine and did fairly well in snow, rain, and on gravel. The only complaint I had …

80000 miles and still counting Not rated yet
I bought a set of 4GS tires with 80000 mile warranty and have had them rotated and balanced every 5000 mile by Kauffman tire and they still have 4/32 tread …

CS 4 Touring Tires Noisy on CRV Not rated yet
Just bought a Honda CRVJUST and they had replaced the tires with Cooper CS4Touring tires. These are the noisiest tires I have ever driven.

smooth soft ride Not rated yet
replaced bridgestone serenity plus they hummed got cooper cs4 and made big difference. i drive 06 lincoln ls dont feel road cracks at all feels like …

Cooper won't stand by their warranty!!!!! Not rated yet
I purchased a set of CS4's last summer and didn't even get 20k on them. they were rotated and showed even wear (no mechanical or alignment issues) and …

You get what you pay for Not rated yet
I replaced the original Michelin's on my '06 Fusion with CS4's. For the first 10,000 miles they were great. Now it sounds like I'm driving a Jeep Wrangler …

Cooper outshines Goodyear Not rated yet
In 2006 I purchased a 2001 Lexsus ES300 with 37500 miles, the next year I replaced the Goodyear Assurance with a set of the just released Cooper G4S V …

CS4 Touring second set Not rated yet
I am just now having my second set of CS4 Touring put on my 09 Optima. These are by far the best tires I have owned. I had over 60k on the first set and …

Happy With Results Not rated yet
I bought a set of 4 Cooper CS4s from a local mechanic and had trouble with them because I felt a vibration in the steering wheel at 55 to 60 mph. …

Cooper CS4 Not rated yet
This is a tire to avoid at all costs. It offers great handling and performance; however, they last as long as fresh bananas. It took 6 (six) tires to …

Fine for smaller cars and trucks Not rated yet
Look at what happens to a real truck with Cooper tires.

Total Satisfaction  Not rated yet
Have CS4's on 08' Camry and 03' Gallant. Very quiet and wearing better than any previous tires. For anyone getting poor mileage, I would recommend balancing …

A really great set of tires Not rated yet
Just had a set of 4 Cooper CS4 touring V-rated tires placed on my Camry LE 2009 and I must say they are fantastic. Very quiet, devoid of most road noises, …

2009 Honda Civic Not rated yet
Wow!! I recently bought CS4 205/55/16. The difference between the stock tires and the CS4 is night and day. It feels like I'm driving a luxury car now. …

No More Coopers Not rated yet
I replaced my oem Goodyear Fortera HL (08 Enclave P25565R18)with the Cooper CS4 Touring back on 9/11/10 and after 30500 miles they are gone. Chopped up …

Great Tire,made in USA! Not rated yet
Wrote a bad review on this tire about pull and vibration. I had a bad wheel bearing that caused all the trouble. Just to set the record straight, great …

Good at first,goes bad fast Not rated yet
Did a lot of research, bought Cooper CS4s. Loved them at first,after first rotation vibration and loud noise started. Now after second rotation <10k miles, …

2006 Honda Odyssey Cooper CS4 Touring  Not rated yet
The best minivan tire anywhere, IMO.Seriously. Minivans are hard on tires, they are front drive, very heavy, carry lots of stuff, lots of stop and go. …

good and bad Not rated yet
I really liked these CS4's on our 2007 Accord at first. Great handling, traction, and quiet ride. However, after about 20,000 miles I started to notice …

Cooper CS4 Touring  Not rated yet
I bought these tires about a month ago for my 2006 Jeep GC. I have put about five hundred miles on them so far .Ilove the way they handle both on dry …

My Second Set: Great Tires! Not rated yet
I had the 5 rib 'H' rated CS4's on my 09 Fusion. Just bought CS4's again, this time the 4 rib 'T' rated 80,000 milers. These tires were exceptional in …

Cooper CS4 Boffo Reviews legit Not rated yet
I've owned the "COOPS" (Cooper Tires) for 1K miles now ... ALL the positive reviews are true....Quiet Ride...stable...cornering-solid...traction-reliable- …

Very Pleased with Cooper CS4 Not rated yet
I have been driving on the Cooper CS4 tires for about two weeks now and am extremely pleased. Had them put on a 2000 Buick Century as replacements. I …

Poor on Grand Caravan Not rated yet
I bought Cooper CS4 tires due to the great reviews but have been disappointed. On my 2005 Grand Caravan SE+ they are very loud, and have very poor traction …

Excellent Not rated yet
I bought the H rated Cooper CS4's for my 2009 Camry. The smoothest most quiet tire I have ever owned. I drive a lot for business and have owned most …

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summer yes, winter NO! Not rated yet
The Cooper CS4's are smooth, capable and extremely quiet. Good in the rain (no aquaplane) However, un-be-lie-vab-ly useless with snow and ice. I got …

GREAT TIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
Have a 2007 Hyundai Azara that came with Michelin MPV. These were the worst tires I have ever owned. They were loud and rough and the handeling was nothing …

CS4 ON 2010 TDI JETTA Not rated yet
This is my first set of Cooper tires, and am very impressed with performance. They are quite and comfortable with great wet weather traction and handles …

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