Cooper Tires- lasted14 years!

by injun
(New Orleans)

I have a 71 Buick Riviera, and only drive it on weekends, maybe 20 miles a week, so therefore my usual problem isn't with longevity due to wear but to what my friends call "tire rot" or simply old age. I have been told by these same friends (and the Firestone guy) that usually tires last, at most, 5-7 years with little or no driving.

When I was in the garage and found one of my tires flat last week, my neighbor came by and said that there was a number on the inside of my tire that was the manufacture date. When I took it to Firestone (it's the only place close to me) I asked the guy to look at the flat tires number, and he said the tire was manufactured in 1997. All I could remember was that the last time I got tires, I got all 4, so the other 3 tires are still working. I'm getting all 4 new tires again though, and I will keep with Cooper because of this. I just hope that they make them as good today as they did 14 years ago, but that really would be a stretch, as no one seems to make anything with quality anymore.

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