Cooper Tires

We purchased 4 Cooper Tires in October 2009 and currently have a little over 30,000 miles on them. We recently took our Chevy Venture in for new front brakes and much to our surprise were told that we needed new tires. Upon further review from the store we purchased them we were informed that all 4 tires are dry rotted. There was not uneven wear, cupping or anything that would indicate these were not properly taken care of.

We drive our van pretty much every day,it is stored in our garage, and we rotate the tires about every six months, dry rot seems like a very unlikely problem. The bigger problem is neither Cooper Tires nor the distributor are willing to offer us more than $40 off the price of new tires. We got 60,000 miles and 7 years from our BF Goodrich tires that were on before these. Even though Cooper Tires came highly recommended we will NEVER purchase them again.

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