Cooper Trendsetter SE

by Weslee
(Morrison, OK, USA)

I bought a set of four Cooper Trendsetter SE 235 75R15 tires in 2006 for my 1968 Chevrolet 1/2 ton truck. I bought the tires after having rebuilt the front end & having it aligned. I don't haul anything with the truck, and do a lot of highway driving, and at the time thought they would be good highway tires.

It has been nearly 35,000 miles later and I only have two of the Cooper tires on it now. One tire needed replaced after about 12,000 miles, for which I got an adjustment on & got another Trendsetter SE to replace it for about 45% of the original cost. About 8,000 miles later another needed replaced, and I replaced it with a Goodyear tire. At 29,000 miles the tread separated on yet another, and I replaced that one with a used Continental. In a few thousand miles I am looking at getting four new tires and they will not be Trendsetter SE.

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