Cooper Warranty Problems


I purchased Cooper tires (245-40-R17) for the rear of my Mercedes 320 SLK. They were purchased in 2008. I drove 17,000 miles before one of the tires had a blow-out. When replacing this tire the technician showed me that the other tire was in worse condition with the steal belt showing thru the tread, and the tread at the center of the tire was bare. When I inquired about a warranty I was told that these tires had only a 10,000 mile expected life and if I had gotten 17,000 on them it was above average.

Most of my driving is in town. I have made 4 or 5 trips on the interstate and state highways. The blowout was near the end of a state highway trip. I feel that I paid a premium price for the tires and they should have lasted much longer. I had previously only used Michelin tires but the right size was not available at the time and I needed the tires. I wasn’t able to wait for the delivery on the Michelins. I don't understand why I was not given the warranty info at the time of purchase. It would have been a game changer.

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