Cooper's on my 2009 Honda accord

by Frank De Santo
(Loris SC)

I went to a large tire shop was looking for either Yokohama or Kumo tires as I found them smooth good in snow and good traction. I prefer the grip and handling over the mileage. I got talked into cooper tires as he said it's what carry for my car. Yes, maybe you'll get 80,000 miles or long tread life. But the hard compound gives you a hard ride over rough roads, pot holes, RR tracks, ECT. could be rough on the suspension. When they were new they handled kinda funny, sensitive. Didn't really liked the tread pattern, kinda straight cut. I heard good reviews of them, though. Think my next set are not going to be cooper. I paid a good buck for them. I own a 2009 Honda accord EX-L. Guess I have mixed opinion about them. Have to wait and see what kind of mileage I get out of them. It will be my last set of coopers I think.

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