Could not be balanced

I purchased a set of 4 P255/60/15 Eagle GT II tires for an older muscle car in 2008. At the time I felt a bit of vibration but put down to a 30 year old car.

At the time of purchase I had a bad experience with customer service - I saw a derrogatory note made about me that a service person accidently left open in plain view. I was not happy but proceeded with the purchase as the price was right.

After purchasing the tires I constantly had to add air to the tires. The car is not an every day car so I would add air and not really worry about it.

After a year and a half of adding air everytime I went out I finally had enough and took them to another garage to have them resealed. (not being happy with the Good Year (Jiffy Lube) dealer).

The shop was not able to properly balance the tires. I thought that was a little weird so I took them to another dealer in my town who told me the same thing.

Even though I live in Ontario, I also belong to a car club in Northern New York. I spoke with one of the people from the club who happens to own a repair facility in Syracuse. He too said the tires were not able to be properly balanced.

I could not believe it but the proof was there, I went to three separate repair facilities who all told me the same thing.

I manged to get an almost complete refund from Goodyear for the tires as they had 11/32nds treadlife still on the car - only about 6000 KM having been driven on the tires.

Anyone having difficulty with these tires - get your money back. The Squeeky Wheel gets the greese!

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