CS4, Copper LIES!!

by Jake
(Las Vegas NV)

So i have never belived reviews as companys do pay ppl to wright fake reviews of how wonderful their product are. that said this is my first review.

I live in las vegas, nv, little rain fall, no snow. HOT and suuny. I am a average driver. I bought a set of 4 Cooper CS4 tires had a 4 wheel allinment upon installation of the tires. when on the highway speeds 55-75, high vibrations in steering column with the cs4 tires, moderate road noise. I balance and rotate every 5000 miles. A month in it rained here, tires would not grip the road even at 20mph they would spin like i was on ICE, BAD TIRE in wet weather... Never again will i buy cooper.
on the pluse side i have had them for 2 years and have got about 55,000 miles out of them.

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