CS4 far better than the Kumo Solus HM tires

by Michael West
(Dayton Ohio)

I have been working at an independent automotive shop over the last 20 years. I have spun many tires on the balancer and it has always been the Michelin tire that spun the truest... until the recent improved Cooper Tires. The Cooper runs more true say two to one and riding on a set of CS4's is like riding on a cloud compared to the early dry-rotting Michelin. I recently replaced my Kumo Solus HM (not so high mileage) at 35-40,000 with proper rotation and alignment. Two of my Kumos were down to the wear bar and showed sign of slipped belt. I am so Disappointed with the Kumos early retirement. For the money and ride I'll always be a Cooper man from now on.

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