CS4 Tire - Horrible Winter tire

Worst all season tire I have ever had on any of my vehicles
in 41 years of driving. These tires will not get me up my driveway with as little as 2 inches of fresh snow. Meanwhile my wife can navigate the same driveway, with the same model car, through 6 inches of drifted snow on her Goodyear all season tires. More serious however is the fact that these tires are just as bad at stopping; I have slid into many intersections with these tires.

Cooper tells me that any tire will slid on ice and I agree with that, but as I have tried to explain to their Customer
Service Representative, I am not complaining about the performance on ice - but rather the performance of the tire on freshly fallen snow on previously bare roads. I have no confidence in these tires for winter driving.

Please be cautious if you are considering this tire for a snowy climate!

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