CS5 Ultra Touring

by Larry
(Lake Geneva WI )

CS5 Ultra Touring 225/45R18. W speed rated XL load. Unique in between grand touring and ultra touring. The only drawback I see so far is the treadlife warranty of only 50k.On the other hand, these replaced Michelins that only lasted 33k (55k warranty). It will be interesting to see if they last at least as long as the overpriced Michelins.The Coopers outperform in all but 2 categories. The Michelins had quicker steering response and a softer ride. Can't do anything about the slightly harsher ride than I would like. However the slower steering response has been easy to adapt to after 800 miles. I don't even miss the Michelins because the Coopers outperform significantly in every other category. The Coopers are even quieter. If they made CS5 grand touring in the same size, I am curious if the expected smoother ride quality would be accompanied by much loss in performance. Only time will tell if the treadlife will be better because of the extra load rating.

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Jan 21, 2017
To Anonymous NEW
by: Larry

If you like to burn rubber there are at least a few very cheap tires you could buy every 10-20k.With proper alignment and a good sport suspension,the CS5's are outstanding performers.I estimate that they will last AT LEAST 30k on my car.I drive very spirited around corners,but do not try to burn rubber off the line.For my purposes,these are excellent tires for the money.

Jan 20, 2017
Poor quality tire NEW
by: Anonymous

Drove 12k miles and all four tires are shot! I will NEVER buy Cooper tires again. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere. Search the internet for Cooper complaints and you will know this is not a company to do business with. I wish I would have done better research prior to the purchase.

Aug 04, 2016
Correction NEW
by: Anonymous

Ultra Touring is between grand touring and Ultra High Performance.

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