Debbie Pew ( motorhome owner )

by Debbie Pew
(Rialto, CA )

Of the 6 tires have crowned and the tread has peeled off, I replaced 2 of them last yr while on a dirt bike riding trip. Last year my son had the tires checked out because my husband was afraid they would crown like the other 2. He was told they were fine by pep boys. He made it 30 mles and the tire peeled apart and it cost $90.00 prorated for a new one. He sat for an hour too. Not a nice way to start our vacation.

In june 2012 we replaced the 2 front tires on our motorhome because my husband didn't think they looked safe. crowning again. Got to Sulma CA and the tire peeled apart. The tow truck driver didnt even think we had a tire problem because half the tread still on and tire never goes flat. We had to get a new tire in placerville which cost $214.00.

A week later on are way home from camping we had another tire peel apart in the same town as a week ago. We spent 2 hours in bakersfield waiting to get two more tires because we were afraid to leave the other one on. This was another $436.57 plus $436.57 for the 2 before we left.

Our spare tire was an old firestone and I felt safer with this tire on than any cooper tire. No one could believe that these tires with very little miles did not hold up. That's 3 vacations that have been ruined because of these defective tires.

We now have BF Goodwrench on and I sure hope they are better than Copper Tires.

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