Defenders 215x55x17 V rated

by Toy Camry

Tire eats water like nothing. Have 30,000 miles on the 80,000 thousand mile V rated defenders. All 4 tires are now 6s with one groove on the outside of passenger side 5S. Drove tire many miles in all weather, and we had a bad winter.

Car driven 90% on Interstates at speed 65 or 70 MPH and until recently when the tires are 6S has any water even lifted or walked my Camry at all my. I am not talking gentle rain either I am talking downpour. My tires it is safe to say have no chance of getting to 80,000 miles and have been rotated and air pressure monitored.

I can tell you this I will get my pro-rating for my miles and put that discount on another set of these tires. I am sold on the performance but Michelin is stretching a bit on the *80,000 miles.

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