Disapointed in my Cooper AT3s

by Jerry Goldsmith
(Milford, DE)

Right rear and left rear Cooper AT3 after 19,000 miles

Right rear and left rear Cooper AT3 after 19,000 miles

On August 7, 2014, I had 4 Cooper tire AT3s installed on my 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland. The car had 30,942 miles on it at the time. Tires all had DOT number UT801A64312. Installed in Arlington, VA. Last month, I was driving in DE and felt the car losing control, particularly on wet roads. I though it must be front end as I had less than 20,000 miles on tires rated for 55,000. I took it to my mechanic to check out thee front end and lo and behold, the right rear tire was totally bald. With less than 19,000 miles on it. Car had 49,532 miles on it)

I called Cooper's customer service who asked me to go for warranty service to a dealer 50 miles away, I told her I would not drive that far on a bald tire, so she gave me to other dealers in Milford, DE. The first told me (nastily) that he would not do tire warranty work. The second told me he did only commercial tires and I should contact his other branch in Seaford DE--also around 50 miles away. I called and was told that I would have to bring in the car, they would look at it, then contact Cooper, then, maybe, order the replacement tires (they were not in stock) and then I would have to come back. So two 100 mile round trips, plus other driving while waiting, on bald (and illegal) tires. So I bit the bullet and just bought four new (not Cooper) tires. I sent photos to Cooper Customer Service, who called me after an exchange of three or four emails. First I was told that there were no female customer service reps so Doug did not know who I had talked to. Then, I was very nicely told that as the tires were off my car and I had bought another brand the warranty was void. I expected as much. I will never buy another Cooper tire and tell everyone I know not to buy them either.

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