Disappointment American

by Marcus Brown

I am a military veteran that and I love my country. I pride myself on purchasing merchandise made in America. I passed many tires brands because the cooper's were made...in America. Since I've had the CS4's I have had nothing but problems. Leaks, flats, poor wear the whole nine yards. In 2014 I drove for 4 hours from Cleveland to Cinti, on a donut because the valve stem malfunctioned. I went to Bob Sumeral and they told me that the stems were not under the warranty. I Had to pay over $100! Since then I've had 2 more flats, one I had to wait nearly 2 hours in bellow zero weather and when I finally was able to take the tire to Bob Sumeral again they told me this time the tire needed to be replaced. The CS4's were discontinued and so I needed to purchase another tire AND another warranty! I emailed corporate and the manager called me but was not willing to do what is right...replace these horrible tires free. Well, I have decided to ditch the cooper tires AND Bob Sumeral and I will never ever darken their doors for any service what so ever.

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